Feb 28, 2006

the Amona probe and Kadima's protest

If Kadima (read: Ehud Olmert) has nothing to hide and everything was legal and on the up and up as they say it was, why are they so against the Amona investigation? They are refusing to participate in it. They are petitioning the High Court against it. They are trying to quash it.

With so much criticism levelled against them about Amona, you would think they would welcome an investigation that would prove to everyone that they are clean and the decision to dismantle Amona was clean and reasonable force was used. Or would it???


  1. This is my first comment here, but most likely wont be the last, and here I've got a few to add.
    Firstly, investigations never look good. It doesn't matter how legal and correct everything was, as soon as there is an investigation into a major political decision such as Amona, people begin to question it's validity. Close to an election is bad. I have a feeling if this investigation was going on after the election, the push against it wouldn't be so large.
    Secondly, legal or not, we are talking politics. So how much would the result of the investigation talk about whether it was "legal" or whether it was "acceptable". My gut feeling is that they are concerned about "acceptability" and less about "legality".

  2. Welcome to my little space here on the web, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    You are correct that the impression in people's minds is what is important. The fact that there is/was an investigation makes people think about how corrupt he actually is, despite the fact that he is good at getting out of his problems.

    That is exactly why he has been insisting everyone apologize publicly to him. So they will look bad in the public eye, as having to apologize and retract..


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