Feb 5, 2006

Watch out - you never know where you can be seen!

The CEO of a hi-tech company was caught red handed when someone saw his pictures on the internet.
Intriguing? Here's the story.. This guy loves to go jeeping. Problem is he does not have a jeep. All he's got is a company leased Mazda 6. Does that stop him? No way. He's no friar! he goes jeeping in his Mazda 6!! What does he do when he gets stuck in terrain that the Mazda can't handle? Simple solution - he has his buddies in jeeps tow him over the specific terrain.
Now, get this. These guys all post the pictures of their trips on a website for jeep aficionados. Someone in the car leasing company saw the pictures. The license plate on the car had been blurred out, but there was a sticker with the company name on the car. they easily identified who was abusing their car. Not only did they cancel the guy's policy, now they are suing him for abusing the car and the policy!!


  1. Rafi: Kol Hakavod for posting this. I was just thinking about it this morning...and saw it on your blog!



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