Feb 3, 2006

The current Torah portions are playing out before our own eyes!!

We have all witnessed a lot of Makot (Hebrew for beatings) the other day in Amona.

Dam - blood: is obviously clear as hundreds were beaten by Jewish police and blood was flying everywhere out of cracked skulls.
Arov - Wild Beasts: occurred when the feared yasamnikim showed up. They act like wild beasts, but this could also refer to the mounted police as the horses trampled people and instilled fear in the protesters .
Barad - Hail: Nothing to do with Amona, but it hailed yesterday in Israel.
Choshech - Darkness: These are dark days for the nation when Jewish police are sent by a Jewish government to remove (and beat) Jews from land they purchased.
Makat Bechorot: we are praying it does not happen, but a young protester is still fighting for his life after being beaten by the police.

Ehud Olmert is similar to Par'oh. A leader bent on attaining the subservience of the Jews and uses the police forces to beat them. When offered deals to avert confrontation, he refused them preferring to proceed as planned. God must have hardened his heart, as he was formerly a supporter of the settlement cause and a political friend of the Jews, and therefore he ignores rational and reasonable compromise.

News flash just in!! Egyptians drown in Yam Suf (Red Sea)!!


  1. The police brutality dates back to many years ago when Chareidim were beaten every week because of their protests for Shabbos and against forced autopsies. The settlers should wake up and realize who their false zionistic idols were.We of the orthodox communities dont display Israeli flags in our shuls because we know what they stand fo,atheism.


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