Feb 23, 2006

"People don't need to worry about security"

You would never guess who said that. Not in a million years. That's right - it was George Bush.

In response to the port security "scandal" plaguing America right now, George Bush's response is that people do not need to worry about security. This is after 5 years (since 9/11/2001) of running his government by the threat of terrorism and security. At every possible opportunity he blames 9/11 for his politics of illegal wiretapping to the Iraq war to everything in between. Suddenly he can sell the rights to secure America's ports to his buddies the Arabs and "people don't need to worry about security".

Will people buy this from him?


  1. I'm not for the idea myself but are you sure you are not taking the quote out of context?

  2. First of all I do not have an opinion on whether it is the right thing to do or not. I was nto blasting the decision. I do not know enough info to have an opinion on the matter. Though it does sound crazy to trust Arabs from Dubai to secure the ports of America, that is not my concern.

    Second, he obviously meant that all security issues will be dealt with and people have nothing to worry about.

    My comment is on his attitude. He has spent the past 5 or so years drumming terror and fear into the hearts and minds of Americans to the point that he has even recently gone into illegaly wiretapping American citizens without warrants and many other things.

    Why should Americans not be concerned? After you (W) spent so much time and effort to tell us how much of a threat we are under, why should we not be concerned. You want to just brush it off by saying you will sell the deal to your oil rich buddies who happen to be Arabs and closely connected to the terrorists and terror organizations and you will take care of the security issues. It is not such a small thing that can be so easily brushed off simply with a wave of the hand and a statement of You have nothing to worry about..


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