Apr 4, 2011

Rav Kanievsky Supports The Korban Pesach Project

According to this report, Rav Chaim Kanievsky supports the project of arranging a possible korban pesach to be ready for erev pesach, and encourages people to sign up and join the chabura.

It seems Rav Kanievsky called R' Yehuda Glick, from the Temple Institute, to his house last night in order to clarify what his korban pesach project is, and understand the details.

According to the report, Glick showed up to the Kanievsky house with two goats in tow, 1 with his ear clipped and tagged as per the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture, and one with no clip and tag. Glick explained that the ministry requires the clipping and tagging of the ear, but many of the flock owners delay the clipping until after Pesach so as to be ready with unblemished sheep and goats for the opportunity of bringing the korban pesach at the last minute, if the opportunity should suddenly present itself.

Rav Kaniesvky was very impressed, and said that he, and it can be said in his name, encourages everyone to sign up and join the group to be part of the korban pesach.

Rav Kanievsky added that they should be careful not to consecrate the animal until the last moment. If/when  the opportunity presents itself to actually bring the korban, it should be consecrated only then. If it would be consecrated now, and the korban would not be allowed to be brought, there would be a serious problem of what could then be done with the animal that had already been designated as a korban.

To register as a member of the group for the korban, call 02-941-0100

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