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Jul 18, 2012

Fighting the Arabs in Jerusalem

2 interesting news items of conflict with the Arabs of Jerusalem have come to the fore in the past couple of days.

The first item is a fight between Jewish neighborhood residents and the Arab residents of a nearby village. The muezzin broadcast 5 times a day from Al Issawiya has been disturbing Jews in nearby neighborhoods, specifically French Hill, and from other areas have been disturbing residents of Har Choma, Pisgat Zeev and others. The residents say not only have the Arab leaders refused to lower the volume a bit to be less of a disturbance, but they claim that the muezzin calls have gotten louder recently.

The residents of French Hill have decided to fight back and not just take it any longer. They have ordered a sound system to be directed at Al Issawiya so that  they will blast hard rock music every time the muezzin blares. They figure eventually the muezzin will agree to lower the volume to more reasonable levels.

Other neighborhoods such as Har Choma and Pisgat Zeev are waiting to join the fight when they see that French Hill's solution works.
(source: The Jewish Press)

This reminds of when the United States army blasted rock music outside the compound of Manuel Noriega in Panama. After a few days of pounding Van Halen and The Howard Stern Show at crazy volume levels around the clock, Noriega surrendered. I hope the residents of French Hill pick the right music, or blast either Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh.

Also, I would recommend that they blast the music not [just] at the same time of the muezzin, but at other times as well..  If the muezzin calls for prayer at 4 am, and the music blasts at the same time, it might be a but of a nuisance, but be tolerable. It might even help wake those who want to sleep in and miss "minyan". If, however, they bast the music at 3 am and wake everyone up an hour early, that is fighting fire with fire and might have an effect.

The second issue is, on a bit more serious note, regarding excavations and renovations on the Temple Mount. the Waqf pretty much does what they want without any Israeli supervision or oversight. The entire Temple Mount Reclamation project, which has made amazing archaeological discoveries, has been created and successful as a result of the destruction caused by the Arab digging and renovations on Temple Mount.

It was recently discovered that some of the work being done on temple Mount has been causing harm and damage to the rock itself, the Even Sh'siya.

After appeals by "Temple goroups" to the Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein protesting the wanton destruction wreaked by the Arabs with no oversight or repercussions, Weinstein put out a notice saying that Israeli law must be applied equally, though with sensitivity, to the Temple Mount, as it is part of Jerusalem. Weinsteins instructions were sent to the Antiquities authorities, the police and Jerusalem municipality.

The Islamic Authority has responded by saying that Weinsteins statement is a violation against Muslims and Palestinians.
(source: INN)

Are we looking at a coming conflagration on the Temple Mount or will Israel back down?

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  1. The ridiculous prayers coming from the mosque are starting to get me crazy! Living in Ramat Eshkol, I agree that the prayers sound MUCH louder than it used to. I never noticed the prayers until recently. Now, I hear it every. single. time.

    I hope the French Hill solution works, since the Israeli Police are too scared to enforce the noise pollution laws.

    Maybe they should blast some Metallica, Killswitch Engage, with a knockout provided by Five Finger Death Punch!!

    1. What happened to the peaceful coexistence normally preached on this website? Who said that Moslems do not have the same rights to pray in Jerusalem as Jews do?

  2. they can pray as much as they want. the problem is with the loud muezzin disturbing other people in other neighborhoods...


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