Nov 6, 2012

6,000,000 Jews. That's Right, 6 Million Jews

6 million Jews in the Land of Israel. We are quickly approaching that number. Just think of it - 6 million Jews. This symbolic number is in stark contrast to the 6 million Jews that were killed in the Holocaust. 6 million Jews in Israel is a response to the Nazis, and to all who hate the Jews and Israel.

6 million Jews is a statement that we are back. We are here to stay. Nobody can wipe us out.

According to the statistics, we are currently at the number 5,996,500. We are 3500 short. The statisticians expect us to make up that shortfall within days. According to estimates taken in 2011, there are about 6.5 million Jews in the United States. That means we are also on the cusp of being the world's single largest concentration of Jews, and if those estimates are correct, we should hit that milestone in the not too distant future.

Another interesting statistic published is that 73% of Jewish Israelis are now born in Israel.

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  1. Maybe a concentration of the world's Jews in a single small geographic location isn't the best survival strategy.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth. Even though I'm a happy and proud "ben ha'aretz", that thought weighs on me every time I say "v'kabetzeinu yachad me'arba kanfot ha'aretz".

    2. If Rashi is correct, we have less than 250 years of existance left anyways. Whats the point of Judaism in the year 6001? :P

  2. The 2011 Estimate is not accurate. The 2010 global survey which was much more precise, put the American Jewish population at 5.2 Million (Israel at 5.7 million). They did not gain 1 million Jews in 1 year.

    It was in fact one of the driving factors for me to make Aliyah that year. I saw that More Jews live in Israel than anywhere else, and thus the Geulah has come. I had no halachic justification to live outside of Israel anymore.

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  4. The 6 million number is certainly symbolic.

    There are a few hundred thousand Jews in Russia, France, UK, and Canada but outside Israel, the bulk are still in the US. Who is a Jew in the US? Sure there are many Haredi and Orthodox concentrations and many others non-religious who are affiliated. But the unaffilated include those who know they are Jewish and I'm sure plenty of others who have since are not even aware. They are obviously not included in any survey, but does Hashem include them in the equation? We assume yes. Given that, there are also many thousands if not tens of thousands of 'Palestinians' who were born to Jewish women in this generation and in past. We know that many Jews were forced to assimilate to Islam over the past hundreds of years. Does the chain of Judaism ever stop (mother to daughter goes on forever, right?)

    Anon above decided for himself that the time has come. I've heard that a sanhedrin needs to convene to accept that 50% mark has passed and the need to accept many halachot that were not applicable until now. I think that this is one of the things that will happen without us knowing it. I think the autistics have seen this coming for a long time but they cannot actually pinpoint the specific time.



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