Nov 6, 2012

Interesting Posts #423

1. Thoughts from a Repentant NY(C Marathon)er

2. Why I am voting for Gary Johnson - I have been avoiding posting articles about US elections, with just a few exceptions, but this was interesting. I had yet to see until now, someone I know and admire post that he is voting for Gary Johnson. Truth is, I hadn't even heard of Gary Johnson until I got my absentee ballot and saw his name, and I did not know who he is. With Rabbi Yuter posting his support for Johnson, I just had to link to it...

3. Hurricane Sandy News and Jews

4. The Rabbi's Daughter

5. Why did Sandy Happen? The definitive answer

6. The History of Lt. Gen. Yitzhak Rabin, 7th IDF Chief of Staff

7. Comments on the Globes interview with Moshe Feiglin

8. Lessons of the Unemployed

9. Slicha, Efshar Mayim?

10. Elie Klein's FINAL tzedaka munchathon

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