Nov 11, 2012

Abutbol Faces Pashkevilim and Protests in Monsey

A series of pashkevils has been published against the mayor of Bet Shemesh, Moshe Abutbol. Abutbol's mere presence, in of all places, Monsey, is upsetting some people.. Abutbol will be in Monsey to participate in the wedding of the "Vishnitz-Monsey" family. I am not sure why the mayor of Bet Shemesh feels he must be at this wedding, most likely at taxpayers expense, but he does what he wants and doesn't answer to me...

In the meantime, the local crazies, and it seems Monsey has its share of those as well, are upset that this impure person is coming to their town. They are planning a protest, to which probably less than 10 people will participate in, outside of where he will be staying.

What is their problem with Moshe Abutbol?

In their pashkevils they claim he stands at the head of the anti-religious establishment in the Holy Land, and more recently has been responsible for wantonly destroying graves. Another says that after thousands of years of rest, Abutbol has dug them up from their graves and has cast aside the bones just to build an impure cultural center. The fourth, which also calls him explicitly a rasha, explains further that he is the head of a Zionist municipality and has also danced with the impure heretical Zionist flag, more on the grave digging, and adds that he has sent his impure minions to remove the tzniyus signs in the haredi neighborhoods of Bet Shemesh.

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  1. He just can't win, can he?

  2. Mayor for All of Some of the PeopleNovember 11, 2012 9:00 PM he can't win so he should just quit.

    BTW..isn't he an aveil?

    Why is going to the US for a wedding that he doesn't have to nor should he be attending.

  3. This is one post I do not understand and it disappoints me. I do not personally know the writer, but respect that s/he is obviously a torani person and I appreciate what they usually think because I visit often. So it is confusing to me when I read them bashing a fellow Jew, "most likely at taxpayers expense" (a preposterous allegation since city hall expenses are very tightly watched by internal and external comptrollers, as well as city opposition) and the continued speculation about why he needs to travel to wedding, without giving him any zchut at all or bothering to check. Zilch.

  4. The one possible silver lining in this insanity is that it shows how crazy religious extremism in the Jewish world is by no means the exclusive domain of Israel. Monsey gives RBS-B a run for its money!

  5. Wow. This almost makes me want to vote for him. If he's got the crazies putting up pashkevillim against him, he must be doing something right...


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