Nov 11, 2012

Interesting Posts #425

1. Wanted Posters in RBS

2. Why does our best only come out when tragedy strikes?

3. Monsey's chareidim are genuine chareidim - this is a bit of a strange post, and I am not sure I understand every point he makes, but it is definitely interesting...

4. The Kitchen Cabinet

5. a Kaliver example for the Torah world

6. Election Post-Mortem

7. Hurricane Sandy Reveals a life unplugged

8. update on the wooden beams being burned on Temple Mount

9. Israeli Chicken Shnitzel, A Story and a recipe

10. Space-age rapid transit to debut in tel Aviv - reminds of of the bank drive-in stands in Chicago where you'd put your paperwork into a tube that would get sucked by suction and hurled over to the bank teller...

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