Nov 7, 2012

Breslavers Register Na Nach Party For Knesset

Election fever didn't peak last night, and head downward. Here in Israel last night was just the beginning of election fever.

A little while back I found a news item about a group of Breslavers, of the Nach Nach faction, that had supposedly decided to start a new political party to run for Knesset. As exciting as that sounded, as much as having such a group in the Knesset would make the daily political life and news feeds so much more interesting, I could not find any more information about it. Maybe it was just a rumor, or a crazy idea someone spoke about too much so it got reported.

It turns out that they have now officially registered there new party. the Nach Nachs will be running for Knesset!

According to this report on Kipa, the group of Breslavers officially registered their party this week under the name "Kulanu Chaveirim - Na Nach" - "We are all friends - Na Nach".

As Breslavers they don't believe in "yi'ush", or giving up hope, so even though they are aware that their chances of passing the minimum threshold are slim, they believe they can do it, or that miracles can happen.

According to the report, they filed their party with an apolitical platform. they aren't interested in the peace process or anything like that. "All" they want to deal with is issues of faith, happiness, and peace and achdut among Israelis. That's it. That's all they want to do.

If I was inclined to change my opinion and look for a different party to vote for, this is one I would consider. Just for the novelty. Just to see what the Knesset would look like with a couple of these guys in it. And even to see what they think they can do from the Knesset to try to increase faith and increase peace and unity among Israelis. If they market themselves successfully, they could turn themselves into the surprise of the elections. They could turn themselves into the "protest vote" - they are wildly popular dancing in the streets with blasting music, on top of panel vans, and the like. They could channel that and attract a lot of people who are fed up with the old, classic, politicians..

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  1. Isn't an "apolitical" party kind of an oxymoron?

  2. Old, classic politicians will have to learn to have clean fun.

  3. B"H Nanach just gets better and better - Na - Nach - Nachma - Nachman - MeUman!!!

  4. New official site of the Na Nach Political Party

  5. Here's a nanach who thinks the nanach party is sheker ...


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