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Jun 3, 2014

only in Israel? bris before arrest...

Get this...

Police raid a house in a town near Beer Sheva. They have a tip of a meth lab or some other drug enterprise going on there.

The team enters the house, finding a woman in her 60s with four children. They search the house, and find some locked doors. After opening the doors, they discover the lab.

At that moment, in walks the suspect they are looking for. He runs the lab. Seeing he is caught, he gives himself up right away, with but one request. He was scheduled to then hold the bris ceremony for his newborn son, and requested from the police to allow him to do so before taking him in.

The police decided to allow it. They stopped their activity of searching the house further, and even participated in the bris ceremony. After the ceremony concluded, they arrested him and took him in. He even thanked them for being so considerate in letting him do the bris before arresting him.

The commander of the unit said that one must remember they are dealing with people, even when they are acting illegally, and he is happy his policemen were able to mesh their professional duty in carrying out their tasks, with also acting humanely and with compassion toward the suspect.
source: Kikar

I wonder if he made the leading police officer the sandak at the bris...

does this qualify for an "only in Israel" story?

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  1. Only in Israel for sure.
    Can you imagine trying to explain the bris and the timing to an American cop?

  2. B"H - It qualifies for what it is: Zionist propaganda: A one in a hundred case maybe! The 99 other cases are anti-Jewish police brutality.

    1. why do you say that? Rafi is telling a nice inspiring story, and all you say is "zionist propoganda"?


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