Oct 30, 2014

Buyer Be(a)ware: Tzabar Shmitta salads

This is sort of a PSA.

I am in favor of people being aware and knowledgeable about their kashrut issues, and that includes proper labeling of kashrut on food items.

In this situation, nothing was done wrong, but there is still room for someone to not notice the issue, and therefore I feel it important to point out.

Tzabar salads make many different types of salads. Many of their salads have had a Badatz hechsher in the past (and still do). This is one of those situations in which you normally buy a specific product and dont check the hechsher each time - because you know it is acceptable to you. The problem with this is that when something changes, you don't notice it.

It has been noticed that many of the Tzabar salads no longer have the Badatz hechsher, but are sold with the Rabbanut hechsher and use hetter mechira produce.

Again, the products are labeled correctly, but because of our behavior patterns, many people might not notice it.

It has also been noticed that these salads are sometimes sold in stores where the shelves are labeled, and not all labels have been changed. I was told of a store that right under the containers of salad the shelf still said "Badatz Eida" but the salads were all hetter mechira Rabbanut.

If you eat Rabbanut hechsher, and hetter mechira, you are fine in this situation. If you don't, than this message is for you.

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  1. Tzabar was heter mechira last time as well. The onus is on the smart mehadrin and all kosher consumers is to be aware of changes during shmitta year.

  2. I agree, and thats my point. people should pay attention and be aware of what they are buying and not make assumptions. if someone does not eat hetter mechira, he should be extra diligent to even check the food items he thinks he is familiar with


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