Oct 20, 2014

Hamas and coexistence

Ismael Haniyeh sent his daughter to Israel for emergency treatment.
source: Reuters

Haniyeh is one of the most senior leaders of Hamas.

#BDSFail? I guess.

a sign that even Hamas recognizes the need for, or reality of, coexistence? perhaps.

I'd like to see something in exchange (not as thank you for treating my daughter so here is... but just like you help us, we help you). something going in the other direction. I doubt we'll see images of Israelis, Netanyahu's children for example, being treated in Shefa Hospital in Gaza, but maybe some other form of them providing us with some sort of need. Maybe letting religious people who used to live there pray in the former synagogues, or something else maybe they can provide Israelis with.

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  1. About the best you can expect is no condemnation of Israel for about 6 hours.

  2. The physically destroyed the synagogues in aza within hours of the nesiga, if you remember.

    Anyway, there was a synagogue in gaza city itself for centuries, till the 1929 riots.

  3. I really hope you were kidding (or a little drunk?) when you wrote this extreme example of wishful thinking, Rafi.

    To Haniya, he owes us nothing at all, because we don't deserve to exist. But until his people can finally succeed in wiping us all out, he'll take whatever we are misguided enough and stupid enough to give him.


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