Oct 29, 2014

Nir Barkat brings the rain

I am not one to argue with Rav Shteinman, but this is just strange..

Ladaat is reporting that during the holiday of Sukkos, after the early rains, one of the UTJ askanim of Jerusalem went to Rav Shteinman. Among other things, this anonymous askan asked Rav Shteinman about the heavy early rains that caused people to not be able to eat in the sukka - many could barely even eat the minimum kzayis before having to run inside. As well, many sukkas were blown over by the strong winds. This askan asked Rav Shteinman in what we need to strengthen ourselves - what does this indicate as to what problems we are having?

Rav Shteinman responded that because it affected the entire city, it is a public problem rather than a localized, personal problem. He then blamed the mayor, Nir Barkat, as the cause for the rains and winds preventing people from eating in the sukka. "when there is a mayor like that, everybody knows the reason".

Did he actually say it or not is obviously a question when dealing with an anonymous quote. Besides for that, assuming he did say it, I guess we can count on a rainy winter this year. Interesting that all the rain dances, such as the various prayers, aravos, helicopters with mekubalim, and all sorts of other stuff, we do, and most of them dont work, at least not obviously, but just having Nir Barkat as mayor brings rain. Also weird that at the beginning of the winter, when we are always in a drought status, or close to it, the rian is considered bad that someone has to be blamed for it. I get that it prevented a mitzva, but still - the country always desperately needs rain...

Perhaps Nir Barkat will be able to boast in his next election campaign that he was even able to bring the rain.

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1 comment:

  1. There are good rains and bad ones. What Rav Shteinman meant, it seems, that the heavy rains and winds, were not of the good kind, because of all the anti-religious actions of this mayor.


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