Dec 22, 2014

Livni lights it up while WoW cannot


The other day, the police and authorities would not allow the Women of the Wall to cnoduct a menora-lighting ceremony near the Kotel. Yet, yesterday, they did allow Tzippi Livni (along with Yitzchak Herzog) to conduct such a ceremony. And not just a side ceremony with a small menorah, like the WoW wanted to do, but the central lighting on the main menorah.

What's the difference?

From the perspective of the Women of the Wall, they should just grant Tzippi Livni honorary membership and declare it a victory.

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  1. Livni is an MK and at an official ceremony which is planned and approved and restricted to a mamlachti plan. It is not a renegade ceremony.

  2. This brings up something I've always suspected about Livni's gender identity.


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