Dec 28, 2014

Peace Now activist running in Habayit Hayehudi primaries

People switch sides in politics all the time. Realities and time change the way people think about different issues and right-people sometimes move leftward, and left-people sometimes move rightward.

And then sometimes there are extremes. Such as, the Haredi woman (Tzvia Greenfield) who was involved with Meretz for a while. Yuval Steinitz who became a hard-core Likudnik after years of being a Peace Now activist. Those are the two that immediately come to mind, but there have been others. These are more shocking than the more normal and common simple adjustments.

That's why the news this morning of Dr. Anat Roth deciding to run in the primaries of Habayit Hayehudi for a spot on the list is particularly surprising.

From INN:
Dr. Anat Roth used to be an activist with the leftist Peace Now organization and an advisor to former Labor leaders Ehud Barak and Amram Mitzna, but now has had a “change of heart”.
Roth announced on Saturday night that she would be running for the Knesset with the Jewish Home party.
She will be taking part in the Jewish Home’s primaries and will be competing for the spot that is reserved for a woman on the party’s Knesset’s list.
According to Dr. Roth, "The Labor movement and the Israeli left have stocks in the creation of Israel and the Zionist enterprise, but the facts have changed and reality has set in, and the Labor party cannot handle them. The last decade shows us that the desire for peace was and remains a thing of the Israeli side only, and that the processes in the Palestinian Authority and around us show that an Israeli withdrawal from land will lead to the establishment of a terrorist state.”
"Jewish Home is the only party that is correctly reading the map and the processes that take place around us, and is not selling illusions to the public. It connects between secular and religious, and not just talks about unity, but works to strengthen our common ground, our connection to Israel and the Israeli and Jewish and Zionist identity among the people,” said Dr. Roth.
"These are the issues with which I’ve dealt with in the last decade, and I hope I can continue to work for them in the Knesset, with the excellent Knesset members of the Jewish Home," she added.
Jewish Home chairman, Minister Naftali Bennett, welcomed Dr. Roth to his party on Saturday night.
"Dr. Anat Roth, who came to us from Peace Now, represents the awakening of the left from the dreams of land for peace - and to a powerful Jewish identity and values of religious Zionism. Her joining us, along with many other talented women, makes the Jewish Home the party with the most female candidates. I wish her luck along with the rest of the candidates,” he said.

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  1. And, there are really right wing, religious Jews who believe this guy and his phony party? Please, everyone knows that politics and politicians are just lies and a bunch of liars (except for the few idealists; otherwise, there would just be tyranny). How can it be called a Jewish right wing party when they accept 'peace nowniks', just as Bennett joined first, at the hip. with Lapid. The voter who is sincere and cares about the state of the nation needs to make sure that he is voting for people and party that puts the Jews, Israel and Judaism first and forget the rest.


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