Jul 23, 2015

Deri allows import of shrimp and lobster

Some are upset at Minister Aryeh Deri. In a deal with Canada, Israel has eased restrictions on many imports from Canada and will open its markets to Canadian produce and products.

Among the list of items being allowed in you will find shrimps and lobster, but only if you pay attention to the Canadian announcement of the deal. In Deri's announcement of the deal he left that out.
source: Kikar

In my opinion, the fact that he left it out, as if to hide it from his constituents who might be upset about it, is more troubling than the allowance for the import of shrimp and lobster.

As far as I know, there is no prohibition against selling non kosher food in Israel. There are limitations, such as raising pigs in the Holy Land, though I understand they find ways around that such as raising them on platformed areas (I might be wrong), but overall there is no prohibition of having non kosher food in Israel, and there are enough non Jews in Israel that allowing their import does not bother me. Yes, it is sad some Jews will partake in it as well, but I dont see that as a basis for a necessity to block the import..

On a separate note, I hope the import of the produce does something to help bring down prices in Israel. More sources, more competition, is always the best way to get better goods at better prices.

And I hope the import of raspberries and blueberries will be significant enough to make them a regular item on the Israeli table. Fresh berries is something that is sorely lacking here.

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  2. Politicians - needless to say anything else!

  3. Politicians - needless to say anymore!


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