Aug 13, 2017

fool me once, shame on you...

An Arab Israeli has recorded on video work performed on Shabbos on the train lines. he has done this before and sent it in to the Haredi press and MKs and becaus eof it the MKs caused a bit of a crisis after which they were promised this type of unnecessary chilul shabbos would end. Behadrei has video footage supplied by the same Arab Israeli from this past Shabbos of work still being done on Shabbos on the same train line. The Arab says he has not seen such deception ever to be told work is stopped because of Shabbos but then it is continued as normal.

"Worst deception ever" sounds to me a little exaggerated but it seems the rule "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" idiom does not apply to the Haredi askanim, as they keep letting this happen.

The entire crisis over this is weird to me, considering in Haredi communities they are very willing to turn a blind eye to chilul shabbos that benefits them. Back in the days when RBS C was being built we regularly could hear the sounds of construction in RBS A echoing through the valley between us. My boys went out there at the time and saw it with their own eyes. When my boys tried to report it, they were told to ignore it as it is not a big deal and it is just bored Arab workers doing light work on their but not under instructions from the kablan.  And now that RBS C is populated, friends there tell me they see work being done on Shabbos as if it is a regular day building RBS D. While they fight over the train lines, they let the Haredi neighborhoods be built [also] on Shabbos with no problem.

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  1. What's stopping you from redirecting your well justified anger from your keyboard to a beis din? Even if the local BD is financially beholden to the developers, you could go to Riskin. He would be thrilled to poke the local black hats. Or, lehavdil, go to Harav Nachum Rabinovich in Maalei Adumim. That's kind of in Yerushalayim, and he is an honest and sincere man who is afraid of nobody.

  2. Eliezer above,
    Perhaps explain your cryptic message from

    1. Cryptic? How is it cryptic? I said that the blogger should see to it that a Beis Din should issue a statement clearly stating that such work is prohibited. What did I miss?

  3. Perhaps it is not the MKs and Askanim who are being fooled. Perhaps they are the ones fooling their constituency.


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