Aug 22, 2017

Wanted: 65 year old woman!

The following advertisement was placed in an an advertising circular in Bnei Braq:

The ad is searching for a 65 year old woman and her 35 year old daughter.


The ad says they were involved in an incident 13 years ago on the bus returning from the separate beach of Herzliya. The incident involved a dispute between these women and a group of ten year old girls. The woman said to one of the girls during the argument that she will later have a difficult time in shidduchim.

 Behadrei went looking for more details and reports that the age of the women is how old they were back then - though I am not sure ten year old girls can accurately asses age to know that this is true, but if correct today they would be about 78 and 48.

They were arguing about the seating on the bus and it expanded to fighting about other issues as well. At some point the lady said "if this is how you behave, you might have a problem with shidduchim. The young woman searching says that her sister to this day has still not found her soulmate, and she herself (the one who responded to Behadrei) has been married 8 years but has no children. They thought that maybe it is because of this lady's "kpeida" that they have had these issues and are looking to ask forgiveness and remove the kpeida. She says she knows where the woman lived and hopefully the woman will see the ad, as she is not sure if she would recognize her just by knocking on doors or walking up and down the street.

Crazy story!

I hope she finds the lady or her daughter and gets the closure she needs, and if she does that it should help them in their personal lives.

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  1. In your translation to English: not ten year old girls, teenage girls.

  2. There is an old story of some yeshiva students in one of the charedi mainstream yeshivot who were being bothered by the ozeret who brought her child to help cleaning during their learning seder and complained. She told them you should never gave "tzaar gidul banim" difficulty raising children. Years later, he sought her out to withdraw the statement and (like all stories of this type) told the story at his son's brit.


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