Aug 30, 2017

Shufersal Cola to compete with Coca Cola

Shufersal, or Supersol as they are commonly known, has come out with its own line of cola.

What is particularly interesting about it is what is being described as an attempt to compete with Coca Cola. To that end, Shufersal made their new line of drinks to appear very similar to Coca Cola drinks, product placement in the store will be very close to the shelves of Coca Cola, the price is significantly cheaper, and they are bearing a hechsher of Kehillos (a hassidic hechsher).
source: Behadrei

First of all, Coca Cola might not appreciate the attempt and might fight back - not by dropping prices but by lawsuits and pressure. If the packaging and appearance is similar to that of Coca Cola, they might sue for trademark or copyright infringement. If that does not work or they do not, they might pressure Shufersal to move the two drinks away from each other. I am sure Shufersal does not want to lose the Coca Cola account, and that can always be threatened.

Second, many before have tried competing with Coca Cola. Some have done very well for themselves, even if they did not become actual serious competition for Coca Cola. I have a hard time seeing how a supermarket thinks its private line can actually be competition for Coca Cola.

Third, if they think the hechsher Kehillos will give them a boost over Coca Cola's Rav Landau, they really do not get the marketplace. Kehillos is known as a good hechsher, but so is Rav Landau. And if Pepsi's Badatz Eida could not do it to Coca cola, and RCs Rav Rubin hechsher could not do it to Coca Cola, Shufersal's Kehillos does not stand a chance. At most they might do some decent business selling their cola as a low end cheap drink, similar to Crystal and other such cheap drink brands...

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  1. I hope it tastes better than Crystal.

  2. Great. Something else other people are going to serve that tastes like aftershave.

  3. Chana,

    Could be that drinking after shave might violate beged ish, so be careful with that!


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