Aug 28, 2017

Haredi units served non-mehadrin treif food

A major kashrut fiasco happened in the army with Haredi units (Netzach Yehuda and others) reportedly having been served food that was cooked with both meat and milk.

Spending a week in Latrun for coursework, the units ate in a local restaurant and were served a pasta dish that contained both chicken and cheese. Perhaps each individually were mehadrin, but together the dish was most definitely not! When the soldiers noticed the problem they stopped eating and left the restaurant.

Of course, according to the reports, everybody involved blames somebody else for the mistake.
sources: INN, Behadrei, Srugim

Weirdly enough, the problem as reported is twofold: 1. the were served non-kosher food and 2. they were served non-mehadrin food. As if the mehadrin issue is an issue when dealing with non-kosher.Sort of like, had the "treif" food been mehadrin, this would not have been so bad...

Also weirdly enough, the shocking report seems to only be shocking because this happened to a Haredi unit. Non Kosher food being served, by mistake, to anybody who wants to keep kosher, Haredi or not, should be equally shocking and upsetting.

Anyways, mistakes happen, and they happen to the best organizations and to the worst organizations, and kashrut mistakes are no different. Halevai they should never happen, to anybody, but they do. Whether you keep mehadrin or regular kashrut, whether you are Haredi or not. Hopefully lessons are learned so such mistakes do not repeat themselves.

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  1. From what I can understand, there were 2 separate problems, one from the army, the other from rabbanut Mateh Yehuda.

    Rabbanut Mateh Yehuda seem to be lax in their supervision, allowing a restaurant under their supervision to serve non-kosher food.
    However, even if the local rabbanut had been doing their job correctly, and the establishment was "regular" kosher, the army should not have sent Netzach yehuda to eat there as they have an agreement to provide only mehadrin food.

    Note to self: Investigate the standards of Rabbanut Mateh Yehuda before eating at any establishments under their supervision.

  2. Shocking, but not surprising. How can the army be trusted now; don't know how trustworthy it was in better days (before Oslo), so never could understand how the chareidim ever gave in to serving because most should have understood that it couldn't be trusted, as the real goal was to secularize the youth.

  3. "Rabbanut Mateh Yehuda seem to be lax in their supervision, allowing a restaurant under their supervision to serve non-kosher food."

    If this is true, it is mind-blowing. That rabbanut should not be trusted to give hasgocha on a cup of water. Utterly irresponsible.


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