Sep 11, 2017

banning Jews from erecting a sukka

Of all places to try to fight against Jews practicing their religious duties, I would never have expected to see the city of Lakewood.

In a place like Mahwah, I can understand it, even if I disagree with it, - they feel their town is changing with an influx of new residents living a different lifestyle and they might want to do whatever they can to preserve their lifestyle.

But in Lakewood?

Lakewood has an Orthodox Jewish population that is larger than 50% of the towns population. I think the current mayor is not Jewish but in the past they have had Orthodox Jews as mayor. The Orthodox Jewish community is enmeshed in every aspect of Lakewood and everything that goes on there.

So to see an attempt to prevent Jews in Lakewood from being able to erect a sukka for the week of the Sukkos holiday is very surprising. Yet, according to The Lakewood Scoop, that is exactly what is happening. The attempt to prevent the Jews from erecting sukkas is happening by the Homeowners Association of seniors development complex.

Weird. Lakewood is the wrong town in which to try to fight the Orthodox.

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