Sep 10, 2017

Interesting Psak: traveling by train

This psak is timely, with all the recent fighting over chilul shabbos - specifically regarding the work on the train lines.

Chief Rabbi of Holon, Rav Avraham Yosef, was asked if one is allowed to travel via train, considering much of the work on the train lines is done on Shabbos.

Rav Yosef responded very critical of Rakevet Israel, saying that they act with chutzpah, not taking into even minimal account the kedusha of Shabbos. Though the religious public might be relatively small, but the number of those who care about Shabbos is much greater than the number of people who keep mitzvos, yet Rakever Israel denigrates the thing that since the foundation of the State has been the Holy of Holies. If we ignore the Shabbos, the symbol of Judaism, we might as well call the State something else and not Medinat Yisrael. Using the name Medinat Yisrael symbolizes something from the people of Israel, and the minimum is Shabbos.

Rav Yosef then paskened that, in his opinion, it is prohibited to travel by train Israel on any line that is worked on on Shabbos, and in his opinion all the lines are worked on on Shabbos. It is very problematic for a religious Jew to use any of the trains.
source: Kikar

The 3 rabbinic councils met together last week and chose to not make any dramatic pronouncements beyond continuing political activity working against chilul shabbos. Rav Yosef's psak here is seemingly against the decision of the moaztzot, but he issuing a halachic psak to someone who asked and not a political decision in how to cause them to capitulate.

The real question is, considering the indictment and plea bargain recently arrived at with Rav Yosef, when will Radio Kol Hai replace him with someone else on the radio, and will the Rabbanut remove his rabbinic ordination, as they are considering doing with Rabbi Metzger and some other rabbis guilty of crimes.

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  1. Maybe this whole matter should be looked at another way; those giving the orders and those working on the Shabbat are really not Jews but mamash goyim (Erev Rav) and since the country is now being led as a non-Jewish country, it must be thought of as it was 2000 years ago under the Roman rule.

  2. the problem with that approach is that they are halachically Jewish so no matter what you call them, it is a problem


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