Sep 3, 2017

Jerusalem protests and counter protests

I had no idea, but it seems from a report in Jerusalem Local MYnet that the secular residents have been holding protests the past several weeks on Shabbos against the increasing secular coercion in the city. It seems the protests are being held on Road 1 (not the highway but an internal Road 1 in Jerusalem, near Shivtei Yisrael St, behind Mea Shearim).

While I do not know what kind of protests are being held there, it does seem to have effected a change in the Eida's protests, as they have moved theirs to Shivtei Yisrael to counter the secular protests.

The secular participants say they are satisfied as far fewer Haredim are walking around town and approaching bars and pubs and bothering people there. From the Eida side of the protests they are calling these "provocative protests" - only other people protesting is provocative - and say that these protests are not going to change anything and will not cause them to cancel their regular protests against chilul shabbos.

It seems there was a video last week of young (teens?) Haredim on Friday night speaking inappropriately about the secular protesters and the Eida disassociates form them saying they do not need to justify, explain or reject everything someone dressed Haredi says or does. It also seems there was a video of secular protesters spray painting inappropriate messages to try to prevent Haredim from protesting in the area. The secular protesters condemn such actions and call on the police to take action against them.

Jerusalem is very hot right now. I don't know why this has not made a bigger splash in the news sites.

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  1. If a protest isn't provocative, what's the point?


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