Nov 13, 2017

perps of anti-Haredi-soldiers campaign sued

Yehuda Glickman, formerly one of the heads of the "bnei yeshivot" division of the IDF and involved in the drafting of Haredi young men,  successfully sued some of the leaders of the Peleg group for their involvement in the "shaming" campaign, known as "Hatzayadim" - "The Trappers" - that caused him so much damage.

The suit was against 3 people and the court ruled that 3 of them are each obligated to pay Glickman 600,000nis compensation, while a fourth was found innocent and Glickman was obligated to pay 15,625nis for his court costs and lawyers fees. In addition,The three found guilty have to pay 30,000nis in court costs and 65,000nis in lawyers fees.

The courts ruled in Glickman's favor saying that the publication of the "Hatzayadim" brochure led to a wave of negative publicity against him, and abusive behavior against him that caused him much anguish and suffering.

This was all put together by private investigation funded by Glickman. Glickman responded to the decision by saying this is one of the first court decisions clarifying that the Haredi community is no longer closed and the blood of Haredi soldiers is not free and their honor is holy.
sources: Kikar, Haredim10

According to a report in Actualic, some wealthy Satmar hassidim from the USA and the UK have committed to paying off these fines.

Sadly this had to be done privately. For whatever reason the police and the IDF could not figure out how to discover who was behind the campaign and only a private person with some private money was competent enough to do so. The police need to deal with law enforcement. The IDF needs to protect its soldiers and deal with law enforcement in relation to the soldiers of the IDF. If they weren't going to chase down the perpetrators and find them, at least now that they have been found I hope those responsible for law enforcement will deal with the guilty perpetrators on a more public responsibility level.

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