Nov 27, 2017

the agreement allowing chilul shabbos

I now really do not understand what any of this crisis was about. Perhaps it was all simply to allow Litzman to not be a minister but a deputy minister, as he originally did not want to but had to to be allowed to work in that capacity.

The Prime Minister and the Haredi parties have come to an agreement to avoid a coalition crisis over the Shabbos work. According to the various news reports, the agreement includes allowing Shabbos soccer games to continue, allowing markets in Tel Aviv to remain open on Shabbos and allowing Minister Chaim Katz to continue deciding what rail work is allowed to happen on Shabbos. And it includes an attempt to change the law to allow someone (i.e. Litzman) to be a deputy minister with full responsibility.

So basically the Haredi parties agreed to allowing everything to continue to function on Shabbos.This whole crisis was to allow work to continue on Shabbos?

The only difference seems to be that Litzman gets to be a Deputy Minister instead of full Minister.

Either we are not being told the full story or there was some misdirection involved. I am not sure how anyone was defending the honor and sanctity of Shabbos if this was the agreement they came to... It seems more directed at defending the honor and sanctity of Litzman.

I suspect we have not heard the end of the story yet

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1 comment:

  1. Agree with you. Makes no sense and really is a chilul H'. Shabbat comes first.


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