Nov 30, 2017

refusing to wear prison uniforms

this is funny.

Many young men have been arrested recently while participating in the Peleg protests.Some were released relatively quickly while some were discovered to be AWOL and then transferred to the IDF and sent to military jail.

 According to this report on Kikar, the rebellion continues. Not necessarily in the streets via public protest, but now also in the IDF jails. The young men arrested are saying they are refusing to don the prison uniforms.

The IDF prison wardens have decided to separate the prisoners from each other  so they will not be able to coordinate further actions.

If they are not wearing prison uniforms, what are they wearing? I assume prisoner's regular civilian clothes gets taken away upon entry into the prison. I find it strange that these yeshiva boys would prefer to walk around the jail naked rather than in uniform, even as a protest, but maybe...

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