May 3, 2018

Smartphones are dangerous

Smartphones are dangerous. Everyone knows that. Smartphones are also a very important tool in today's world, so we use them and try to minimize the danger as much as possible, via filters, via education, and via self-control.

But smartphones are also dangerous in other ways.

A Lag B'Omer bonfire in London exploded last night causing multiple injuries. After the Rebbe of the Biala shul had given a speech about smartphones being dangerous, it seems a number of congregants threw their smartphones into the bonfire,  in addition to the one the rebbe himself said he would be putting in.

While it is unclear what caused the explosion, the two possibilities being considered are either the smartphones in the bonfire or fuel someone might have put in.
source: YWN

I was unaware that cellphones explode like that, but maybe a whole bunch together and all that battery power, maybe.. anyways, it seems very possible that smartphones might be dangerous now in more ways than one..

I would note, I am a little envious of the discipline of these adherents to the rebbe that they would take their smartphones that costs hundreds of dollars each and throw them in a fire just because he suggested they do so. I do wonder why they had them in the first place, as this anti-smartphone crusade is nothing new, but still, when the rebbe said so, they threw them i the fire...

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