Oct 11, 2018

with whom did you go to school?

I don't know where everybody I wen to school with, or just grew up with, is nowadays and what happened to all of them over the years, but every now and then I hear about somebody from my past and something they have done, something standout...

For example, I have someone I grew up with who spent time in jail for tax fraud or evasion and real estate fraud. Another who is in jail for being a "Jewish terrorist". A few have done exceptionally well in business, one or two who have become well-liked and admired yeshiva or school administrators or rosh kollels, many who have raised beautiful families and are productive members of society...

One yeshiva-mate of mine, a former roommate and friend - who actually lives right around the corner from me, just announced he is running for mayor of Bet Shemesh. He actually announced it a few weeks ago, quietly, but the campaign just started so now the streets are plastered with his image and message..

Meet Malachi Ki Tov, candidate from the Etz party in the upcoming elections for position of Mayor of Bet Shemesh.

What have some of the people your grew up with gone on to do to make themselves famous?

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  1. Replies
    1. I hope that means you plan to vote for Aliza Bloch because voting for degel is worse than voting for bnai torah

    2. I must say, unknown, you are confusing how the voting works in municipal elections. In national elections you get one vote. In municipal elections you get two - one for a party for city council and another for mayor. So, theoretically, you can vote for Aliza Bloch if you want to and still vote for Degel in city council. Or you can vote for Aliza Bloch's city council party (or any other party) and still vote for Moshe Abutbol for mayor or for Malachi Kitov

  2. H definitely won't get mine - isn't "Bnei Torah" the Peleg party?

    As to school friends - I have two that are/were in jail (child sexual abuse for one, political corruption for the other); one who is a well-respected Rav/Dayan; and a few who are now well-known "Askanim".


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