Apr 8, 2019

spam political messages go oral

One of the things people dislike the most of election season is the incessant sms messages from political parties and candidates trying to garner support from the masses in a relatively efficient way. Why the parties do this, I do not know. It is hard to imagine that they actually think anybody finds such messages convincing or influential, and also it is hard to believe they are not aware of how much people find these spam messages annoying. Yet they continue to flood our phones with messages few of the recipients actually read and just make us frustrated with the parties.

I consider it part of the season about which nothing can be done, and I have gotten used to just ignoring them. I tried installing an app on my phone that claimed to block the political messages, but I never noticed any effect. Many people get really upset at these messages.

One of those people, as reported by Ynet, went to a parlor meeting of a randomly selected party that had sent him messages. The parlor meeting had about 50 people present waiting to hear from party chairperson Tamar Zandberg when this fellow stepped up and asked for the microphone. For unknown reasons, Zandberg gave it to him, and this fellow began reading a list of spam message she had received from Meretz, including the part that says "to be removed form the list, reply "remove" ".

At some point Zandberg took the microphone back and some Meretz activists who were present started manhandling the guy. There is video of the incident.

The fellow said he wont vote for Meretz because of the spam they sent him. He had just returned from abroad and went to the first parlor meeting he found, which happened to be that one of Meretz - he had received  spam from a number of parties.

I guess he found all that spam frustrating enough to do something about it, and he found a funny way of going about it. Meretz looked bad over this. They did not need to get physical with this guy who posed no threat.

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  1. maybe the parties are sending spam in the name of another party?

  2. still better than throwing papers all over the streets

  3. That's how the Peace Camp deal with people they disagree with - physically attacking them?

    If they can't deal with a guy who is angry about getting too many SMS messages without getting violent, do you really want to put them in charge of negotiations with the Palestinians?

    פתקא טובא to everyone.....


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