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Aug 26, 2010

Rav Amnon Yitzchak sits with Rav Shteinman (video)

Remember a short while back there was a video released of an askan who went to discuss tzniyus issues, specifically sheitel styles, with Rav ELyashiv. The video showed how the askan pestered Rav Elyashiv for a long time until he got the answer he was looking for, and he refused to accept anything else Rav Elyashiv had said, until he successfully directed Rav Elyashiv's response the way he wanted...

It was a watershed video, and it went viral in the frum community on the internet. It showed how the askanim manipulate the rabbonim, and what really happens behind closed doors when the askanim are then quoted with the latest chumra in the name of rav this or rav that.

After that, another video was released in which a very well-known and powerful askan was sitting by Rav Shteinman and asking about a child the school did not want to accept, because the child was not appropriate for the school. Rav Shteinman said the school must accept the kid and if they don't it is simply gaivah. He repeated it a number of times, yet the askan still sat there rewording his question a few different times in attempts to get Rav Shteinman to say what he wanted him to say.

And now here is the latest video - Rav Amnon Yitzchak sitting by Rav Shteinman and looks for support for his attack on Shwekey and other performers. Watch the video and you will see that Rav Shteinman hardly says what Rav Yitzchak is trying to get him to say. Most of the time he says nothing in response. Rav Amnon Yitzchak says he has people destroying disks by the thousands in Florida, and Rav Shteinman simply asks if that is really true. At the end he asks for a bracha and if he is doing the righ tthing. Rav Shteinman doesn't respond. He asks a few times, repeating his question. he pesters Rav Shteinman until he says something good enough for Rav Yitzchak - he basically says the same bracha he gives to every Tom Dick and Harry who walks in for a bracha, but now Rav Amnon Yitzchak can take that and tell people that Rav Shteinman supports him.

The best, I think, is when Rav Amnon Yitzchak uses another argument. Rav Shteinman is not responding the way expected, so Rav Yitzchak says that Rav Shteinman supported banning the Internet, yet Shwekey makes a lot of money form the Internet - people can watch all of his music on the internet. So Rav Shteinman should join him against Shwekey because he uses the internet regularly to promote himself. I think this is the best part of the video because Rav Amnon Yitzchak himself has a website in which he promotes himself and his hashkafa, and makes video clips from his various sessions and drashos widely available. Yet he tries to get Shwekey banned for doing the same thing.

Rav Shteinman doesn't seem to understand a lot of what Rav Amnon Yitzchak is saying. He doesnt seem to understand who Shwekey is and what he does. He doesnt understand what music albums are and what disks are. He doesnt understand what the internet is and how Shwekey uses it. Yet Rav Amnon Yitzchak persists until he can get Rav Shteinman to approve.

Here is the video. Watch it and let me know what you think of it..


  1. Funniest is right in the beginning when AY says "everyone has Shweky's disks and there is not one religious home that doesn't." Rav Shteinman looks at AY with a smile and says, "not me!"

  2. Why does Rav Amnon Yitzchak wear that ridiculous looking antenna on his head?

  3. It was hard to concentrate on what he's saying with that antenna waving around.

    I got a very different impression about the meeting when I saw the report on kikar hashabbat

    I guess that's your point

  4. I am very disappointed with Rav Amnon.
    He has lost alot of credibility with me.
    Firstly the whole approach is one of lies and exaggaration.
    Secondly by banning Shwekey you are almost guaranteed to push people away.
    Another one bites the dust...(oops! I am not suggesting you listen to Queen)

  5. I know what I'm about to say is tangential but...
    Am I the only one that is troubled that R' Shteinman is so unaware of modern technology? Does he really not know what the internet and disks are? If so, as a thought exercise, what do you think it says about his ability to paskin shaylos that relate to modern technology? Specifically, as it relates to things like internet bans...

  6. I was thinking about that, but it wasnt on topic for this discussion so I let it be for now

  7. Anyone read Rav Shteinmann's אילת השחר? Nice stuff! Too bad, he has his time wasted by the nudnicks when he could be writing more Torah. He's in his late 90s, why are these people bothering him?

  8. I was never a fan of AY, but this... turns my stomach.

    Such free mudslinging and dirty talk, and the annoyingly obsequious, fake Ashkenozis to help get points across...

    It looks like Rav Shteinman is in a nice, insulated bubble, and people come and "spin" him...

    ...or at least try to! It's somewhat comforting to see that even when he's confused and unfamiliar with the issues being brought before him, his instinct is not to give any blank checks, and I would even hazard to guess that he realizes they're trying to spin him.

    It also seemed to me that Rav Shteinman doesn't really know what the Internet is, only that it's Bad. I guess because Everyone Told Him So. When AY tells him that the music is the source of all chinuch problems, his response is "isn't the Internet [the source of the problems]?". Then AY tries to tie the Internet to his issue, as you noted, Rafi.

  9. Somewhere, R. Orlofsky's head is exploding. :)

  10. I find the comments here quite interesting.

    Amnon Yithak is being manipulative, simplistic, and intellectually dishonest?

    I'm shocked!

    Why does anyone consider this out of character for him? This is how he ALWAYS speaks!

    Difference is, that when he does it for he sake of kiruv, you guys like it, but when he does it for the sake of banning Shwekey, you guys are tied up in knots.

  11. The parts edited out should be quite interesting as well.

  12. while he can be at times entertaining, I am not a fan of the very common missionizing tactics used by many of the kiruv organizations, ranging from chabad to Aish to Ohr to Amnon.
    Rav Amnon Y uses tactics that pull emotions for a highly sephardic audience that mostly react to his style. For the most part they already believe, and he pressures them to act as well.

  13. Menachem,

    I hope that we don't get hit with the fallout from Orlofsky's exploding head..it's toxic

  14. Bill --
    Don't be so concerned.
    His head is empty.

  15. I am so angry, it's burning me up. HOW DARE THESE PEOPLE TALK TO A GADOL HADOR IN THIS MANNER? Who in the hell is this Amnon Yitzchak that thinks he can talk to Rav Shteinman in this manner? He's haranguing him! He doesn't even have the right to talk to ANY man that age in such a tone of voice. Especially knowing full well that the old man has no idea what he is talking about. And it would be even worse if the elderly Rav has begun to decline mentally due to disease or age. This video is disgusting. Amnon Yitzchak is disgusting and appears to lack any semblance of derech eretz.

  16. It is strange, seems the more proper approach would be to bring in a recording and even stage footage to show Rav Shteinman - why would he be afraid to do that?

    I wonder whether Rav Shteinman was suspicious when he was told everyone plays this for the chosson and kallah - if so how bad could it be?

    Did I understand correctly that he's claiming Rav Shteinman already signed something against these performers - do you think Rav Shteinman knew what he was referring to?

    I was most struck by the Ashkenozis he put on to try and get a more sympathetic reaction from Rav Shteinman.

  17. Who films these things?

  18. Is this the same "Rabbi" Amnon who gets non-frum women to get up on stage in front of "the whole world" and then cover their hair - talk about Tznius...

  19. As regards to Amnon Yitzhak's own track record as regards to listening to Beis Din and to Gedolim:

  20. Rafi,

    I'm very glad that you posted something abt this. I've been following it for the last week, and I've personally been quite upset abt this. Not that I really like most of Shweky's music or some of the others (as that is my personal opinion), but it is massive defamation and over on at least a half dozen D'oraisas (to start off with Motzei Shem Ra'). For somebody of stature to do what he is doing, it is an act of Evil. "Lamah Takeh Et Rei'Echah." Though as with any bans of any type, it will probably backfire, as people will now become more interested.

  21. Why should it bother you that R Shteinman is "unaware of modern technology"? do you think he needs google maps to find his wat to the Beis Medrash? Does your 95 yr old grandmother know how to update her facebook profile? Do you think he puts on MBD "just 1 shabbos" in his stereo Friday afternoon to "get in the mood" for shabbos? HE has better things to do, and i wish i did.

  22. maybe R Amnon is just a Lipa fan?

  23.   JewishSoul said...

    Maybe he doesn't like Shweky cuz he's Sephardi and not a Yemenite performer (like himself). I just feel bad for HaRav Shteinman and any other Gadol who has to put up with this BS.

    The simple facts are these:

    1. Shweky and A.Yitzchak are in direct "competition" for the Jewish digital content played to your ear-buds (...destroy the your competitor's disks) and live performances.

    2. People will always listen to music or seek a concert as an outlet, so rather Jews listen to Shweky than Celine Dion or Aviv Gefen.

    The nice thing is both of these figures have the power to bring a soul closer to G-d, each in their own way. After all, music is inspirational and it touches the soul.

    R' Amnon was the 1st successful "evangelical style" power preacher for Orthodox Judaism in Israel. (Similar but L'havdil 1k to those U.S. pastors on late night TV shows). Nevertheless, he does have the merit of bringing a lot of people back, so - even after seeing this perplexing video - I'll contain my criticism.

    Do you agree?




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