Nov 19, 2018

staying might have been good, but Bennett is not ready

The latest episode between PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Education Naftali Bennett shows, in my opinion, why Bennett is not even close to being ready to replace Netanyahu and take over leadership of the country, as he has stated his goal is.

I am not referring to Bennett's threats to leave the government and bring about early elections if not given the Defense Ministry recently abandoned by Avigdor Lieberman. I am also not referring to Bennett backing down from his threat - that might have even been a good thing.

I am referring to how Netanyahu totally outmaneuvered Bennett, and has since been trolling hmi incessantly.

For 4 years, plus the years of the previous government, Bennett and Habayit Hayehudi has been a loyal coalition member. While other coalition members have been frequently threatening to leave the government if this or that happens, such as Lapid in the previous government and Litzman (among others) every other day in this government, Bennett hasn't been making such threats (until now). He's been loyal to the coalition and has worked in his position and defended the governments policies and voted according to the agreements.

Suddenly Lieberman puts the government in a precarious position, and all the wrath of the Likud and Netanyahu comes out against Bennett. They make the entire country think Bennett and his irresponsibility is to blame for the position they find themselves in.

Then Bennett comes to the decision to stay in the government. He saves Netanyahu's neck, and does exactly what Netanyahu wanted him to do. And ever since then Netanyahu has been trolling Bennett:
1.when Bennett criticized the lawyers within the IDF saying soldiers can't function properly constantly afraid of legal action/ Beisdes for the general criticism leveled throughout the political spectrum against Bennett, Netanyahu specifically stated "IDF soldiers are afraid of no one".
2. After Bennett's statement explaining that they are staying in the government to be a watchdog over Netanyahu from the right, Netanyahu said I dont need watchdogs from the right. I work to preserve the security of the State of Israel and of its children".

and that was today after Bennett saved Netanyahu's prime ministerial seat. Netanyahu has not trolled any of his other coalition partners who hold the government in the palms of his hand - not Kahlon, not Deri, not Lieberman, not Litzman, not Gafni - the way he has trolled the one guy who has defended him regularly throughout the span of the government and having saved his neck today.

In some circles this would be described as "Netanyahu made Bennett his b**ch".

Bennett is not ready for taking over the mantle of the country's leadership. He might never be, but he for sure is not ready now.

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1 comment:

  1. Your observation is on target, but maybe it reflects the fact that Bibi views Bennett as a potential threat, vs the other guys, hence his need to diss him.


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