Jan 1, 2009

How far are you from Gaza?

Considerign the increasing distance Hamas has been successfully hitting with missiles, these are the latest distance maps from the Pikud HaOref (Home Front Command)


  1. Jerusalem? Tel Aviv on the edge? Are these realistic targets?

  2. I am nto sure about Jerusalem, but I know that the Tel Aviv iryah today released instructions on preparing miklatim and what to do in case of a siren. Perhaps somebody knows something we don't....

  3. B"H

    Well, Rafi, looks like BS is next in line.

    HaShem yishmor otchem.

    I'd prepare against Arab looting, and Arab employee "traumatic stress" consequences myself.

  4. Well,the time has come to destroy hamas and to do that in the least danger to the IDF. If that means carpet bombing 24 hrs a day, then so be it.Israel's responsibilitty is first to it's citizens.


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