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Feb 3, 2009

Medad Tasa - By the Rivers of Babylon - Al Naharot Bavel (video)

My kids love this song, and most Medad Tasa songs in general.... Al Naharot Bavel...


  1. Great song - talented kid!
    Is that a shul he's in - or a laundromat??

  2. nice song, thanks for sharing - tho i do prefer Matisyahu's version.
    since when did frummy songs get such professional vidoes??

  3. here's another amazing version of the song


  4. O yay I just heard about this kid a few months ago and though it's kinda comin outta my ears by now, I like the music :)

    See, that was a typical comment that would drive me MAD on my blog. Like who caressssss when you heard about him??

  5. sabra - that is what blogging is all about. nobody cares, but everybody cares. and if someone doesn't care, they will read something else.

  6. Right. I think I should relocate my site onto somethin other than blogger though. Cuz it's misleading, personally... ;)

  7. Nice song, but I'm a bit uncomfortable about using the Kotel as a prop in a music video. Showing the artist davening at the Kotel is fine, but when he's obviously performing at such a Makom Kadosh (particularly when he has to turn his back on it at one point), it just strikes me as a lack of Kavod.

  8. Ha I'm searchin for his contact info-medad tasa-and your blog comes up first :)

    Sooo, d'you know how to get a hold of the kid?

  9. you've gotta be kidding, right?


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