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Feb 11, 2009

Tzippi Hotovili does it again

I was just watching Bibi Netanyahu's speech.

Once again I am very impressed with Tzippi Hotovili. At the end of the speech, Bibi started raising hands of the various MKs linked together. Hotovili stayed in her place in front, did not move into the line, remained clapping, but as she believes, she did not hold and raise hands with the rest of the MKs.

Yes, she could do it if she wanted. But she believes in not, and she finds a way to achieve an important position like MK, high in the Likud list, and stay true to her values.

Tzippi Hotovili continues making a kiddush hashem... I am sure she is in for a big future.


  1. We need more like her!

  2. What did Lea Ness do?

  3. I hope the new governement will be for Peace !

  4. Do you have a link to the video?

  5. the video was a live feed, which I did not rip. I will look to see if it is archived somewhere...

  6. I out it in a new post. I will keep looking for a video with that part...

  7. I noticed that and I was impressed.


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