Sep 4, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

We are talking about a group of scaredy-cats who know how to scream at little girls in first-grade and harass them. Such mighty people. When the police came they ran away like rabbits.... 
We need to compile a list of volunteers that will be able to come on short notice to balance against the haredim. All residents of Bet Shemesh, religious and secular alike, need to show strength and make a balagan. It can't be that this small group will tell us what to do.

  -- Bet Shemesh City Councilman Moti Cohen

Cohen said this after about 50 of the kannoim/thugs showed up outside the OROT Banot school screaming while holding bricks


  1. If a rabbi who writes an approbation for a sefer can be called in for questioning, why cant the rabbis signed on the pashkevil calling for this resistance also be called in -- they are inciting to violence if its true that these guys showed up with bricks?

  2. What did the Chadash write about all this on Friday?

  3. People who were present have said that there were no bricks. The report came from a girl, and was not substantiated by the Masha"z who were there at the beginning, nor the police who arrived later.

    Also, I've heard the rabbit comparison made, but usually it's because of breeding... ;)

  4. Bricks or no, these creatures were terrorizing little girls.

    As far as I'm concerned, they have removed themselves from not only Clal Yisrael, but also the human race.


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