Jul 15, 2012

Haredim Prepare For IDF With Pashkevil

With the issue of the haredi draft coming closer to an end, one way or the other, some have found a new approach, a new tactic. Someone created and spread this new pashkevil...

The pashkevil says that because they might soon be taking the yeshiva students out of the yeshivas and uprooting the Torah, we, the roshei yeshivot, must begin training the yeshiva bochurim that if they should have to go to the army, they should know how to bring out the sparks of kedusha hidden there.. We should train the boys that each one should make at least 10 baalei teshuva from our mistaken brethren...etc etc etc

Interestingly, the author of the pashkevil is already admitting that there is holiness in the army...

Secondly, I expect that this is meant more to scare the chilonim into saying the haredi draft isn't worth risking their own kids to religion than to actually prepare such a campaign to create baalei teshuva... If this campaign actually takes off, there might be a counter-campaign to make the haredi boys not frum. On the other hand, if the haredim joining the army almost always go into a separate unit created specifically for haredim, where will they be coming into contact with so many not-frum soldiers that they will be able to try to create 10 baalei teshuva each...

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  1. This is a big improvement over threatening to take Israel to the World Court, etc. Who cares what their motives are? When you're underwater, you breath out so the water won't get in. It's nice to finally see somebody from the yeshiva world taking a positive (and realistic) approach to this.

  2. There are no roshei yeshivos in the charedi world calling for "training our students to extract the holy sparks" whilst doing army service. Such a call will mean, essentially, giving in to army service instead of torah study. Please show me a rosh yeshivah who will be doing that. Even yeshivos who are involved in outreach (chabad, breslav etc.) do not call for such a drastic change in values – outreach instead of torah learning.
    The author of this paper is most probably an individual representing his own opinions. He believes that charedi leaders should not be so insular. They should not try to erect fences, but rather ,send out their outreach-driven youth to transform the army and Israeli society from within.

  3. Anonymous pashkevillin are not worth the paper they are written on.

    As opposed to signed pashkevillin, which are not worth the paper they are written on.

  4. If only more articles would be written like this, instead of the trash that's been going around about how impossible it is to have Charedim join the army.

  5. If this were real, and it meant that the leading Chareidi Roshei Yehivah were actually trying to reach out and take some responsibility for the rest of Klal yisrael, it would be a tremendous step. Unfortunately....

  6. This is good. Like they say, Israel will be a better place when Charedim take up a little riflery and Chilonim take up a little Gemara.

  7. > I expect that this is meant more to scare the chilonim into saying the haredi draft isn't worth risking their own kids to religion

    I highly doubt this. Chilonim aren't really scared about their kids serving alongside haredim. They believe in mutual respect, and I highly doubt someone from the insular haredi world will even know enough about the Chiloni world-view to make persuasive arguments. I can see it now - The Haredi guy says "But your world has nothing but meaningless sex without going to a mikvah first!" To which the Chiloni guy replies "Yup, ain't it awesome?"

    Also, Chilonim don't read pashkavels.


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