Aug 27, 2012

Send Lenny and Daniel in Babylon To Broadway

Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock has an ambitious plan. He has written a new musical based on the Book of Daniel. And he wants to take it to Broadway!

You can see details of this awesome project at Daniel in Babylon. Funding is needed to get the project going, and so far, with just two days to go for the fundraising project, over 75% of the funds have been raised. You can donate as little as $2 for seed money for this project, or much more. However, it is not just a donation - every level of donation gets you something different in return, whether it is copies of some, or all , of the music, or tickets, or one on one time with Lenny to review the musical, etc.

Check out Daniel in Babylon, and help send Lenny to Broadway! Shlock Rock has produced albums called "Almost on Broadway" and "Still Not Quite on Broadway", but this project can put an end to that - this project might finally send Shlock Rock to Broadway!

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1 comment:

  1. "Send Lenny and Daniel in Babylon To Broadway"

    Yes, Send Lenny and Daniel in Babylon to Broadway, or to London, or to Paris or to anywhere but RBS!


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