Aug 21, 2012

SHI 360 for Jonathan Pollard (video)

SHI 360 for Jonathan Pollard

This is for Yonathan, uncovering, unraveling the vital information
Saving innocents from being left without any protection
civilian targets -- he exposed the secret that was kept
only to be abandoned by the same ones he helped

Iraq and Syria, Iran & Libya
plotting to attack with chemical and nuclear
ballistic missiles, terrorist attacks
and no one had the conscience to provide us with the facts

except Yonathan, but he was told to mind his own business
"don't talk about poisonous gas, they're getting nervous"
lets keep these israelis under US dependency
you know... that's the rule and the tendency

But know your history, 83, read the memorandum
Written understandings disappeared like a phantom
and the judge said it was ideology
but they still claimed "profit" was the terminology

now in a 12 by 8, life without parole
uncle sam got him like a knife into the soul
they yelled "Espionage - punishment should be strife"
but no one ever got life!!!

He hould be released, enough is enough, It's the just thing to do

they said "hide in the embassy, hurry up... run"
the feds were outside with cuffs and shotguns
betrayed by his own, arrested by his peers
his claims fell upon shut eyes and deaf ears

he never brought harm to the red, white, and blue
only his concern for the white and the blue
never compromised intel - they all knew
never charged with treason - and this is all true

did you know? yonathan never had a trial
they asked him for a plea and it was filed
to save them the embarrassment, he fully cooperated
but they all flipped the script and the plea they violated

Yonathan was indicted for only one thing
passing information to the allies' hands
saved lives, never jeopardised the home range
but in came Casper - and then it all changed

He hould be released, enough is enough, It's the just thing to do

Mr. Secretary, mercenary, came out random
with the unexpected, false claims memorandum
handed to the judge just prior to sentence
violating every right of the defendant 

Weinberger claimed "treason, codes compromised"
but he never had access, it was classified
So Weinberger pushed for life in prison
violating the agreement - and that's the real treason!

Yonathan saw the files only one time
before being dragged and pushed by "onetime"
no chance for rebuttal, no chance to fight
and that's what they call constitutional rights???

hostile spies - doing 2 to 4 years
and they're still rejecting all of Yonathan's appeals???
Yonathan is locked up since 85
Because Yonathan saved innocent lives!

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  1. Who wrote that trashy drivel? More to the point, why on earth was it even published?

    It is an insult to readers' intelligence and - much more importantly - it will do absolutely nothing to accelerate Pollard's release as the American Administration will laugh at it and dump it.

  2. So why did Pollard spy for other countries against America too? If he was such a loyal American but driven to give away secrets to protect Jews, how do he and his supporters explain the other spying? Funny the song doesn't mention that. why did he spy for Australia? Look, he got a too-long sentence, that is fact. And it is unjust and unfair. But why make him into a tzaddik?

  3. Just because you can make something rhyme doesn't make it good poetry or a good song, it just means you have the language skills of at least a 7 year old who also thinks they are really really clever for making something rhyme.

    Forget about the content, the medium chosen to deliver this information is insulting to those of us who appreciate poetry.

  4. i am not a fan of rap music, or of poetry for that matter, but i did find it interesting that this medium was being used on behalf of pollard


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