Jan 15, 2013

And the children shall not die for the [sins of] the father..

The situation in Antwerp with the Friedman family gets stranger and stranger, and sadder and sadder, every day...

After the Friedmans, Moshe Aryeh Friedman and his wife, got their boys into the Belz girls school by suing Belz in secular court to force them to accept the boys more has happened.

According to Bechadrei, the kids have no friends in school. That is no surprise, as it is kind of strange for a boy to be in an all-girls calls, and he cannot exactly expect to make friends that quickly, especially when one of the tenets of haredi education is the no mingling between boys and girls, even at a young age. It is so bad though that the younger child has been refusing to go to school the past few days.

Kids need friends.

Moshe Aryeh Friedman's mother, from the USA, has hired a Belgian lawyer to work towards getting the children removed from the Friedman home, if her son will not take them out of the Belz girls school. In her opinion, the current situation is harmful to the children. Moshe isn't concerned with her attempts. He says what does she know about the situation, as they have not been in contact for over 10 years!

Looks like he has burned bridges everywhere...

It's a shame the kids have to suffer due to the idiocy of the father....

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