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Jan 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

I love it how beardless/chalav stam/long-shaitel families are voting 'gimmel'...because "that's what the gedolim want"!

  -- Rabbi Ari N Enkin

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  1. Who's Ari Enkin?
    At least these people are doing something Gedolim are in favor of; let's not take that away from them...

  2. Chareidi parties ruleJanuary 22, 2013 12:07 PM

    Oh,wait - I forgot -
    Isn't Enkin the money changer guy?

  3. I sure hope the long shaitel people are beardless.
    Rabbi Ari Enkin is a serious talmid chacham who works as a money changer.

  4. What Ari means is that RBS A is full of very confused people who are not sure what they are, and certainly don't dress or live their lives like Israeli chareidim (i.e. they all have Internet, smartphones, go to work, etc), but will still vote chareidi because they want to think of themselves as belonging to that group. We still love them and are glad they're here in RBS A, but sometimes you just gotta scratch your head...

  5. New to rbs...was wondering if it was just me or that it really seems like there are quite a few hashkafically confused people around. Was starting to believe I was crazy

  6. basically sums up my life!! but still proud to support UTJ and the oilam hatoirah! :)


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