Jan 13, 2013

Interesting Posts #441

1. The birth-certificate mystery

2. taking off tefillin during aleinu

3. A bureaucratic trip that is not on the NBN list and donations

4. is trash-talking kosher?

5. Asheira removal

6. is Hagel an Amalekite?

7. frum sites and blogs can get sued, but there is also lashon ha'ra to consider

8. 80 year old bar mitzvah boy twins with disabled boy and disability is not a tragedy

9. another reason to vote Likud

10. wavering between political parties

11. the oldest thing I still wear

12. the death of a sea turtle

13. the ultimate citizens guide to the 2013 Israeli elections

14. Racing with friends and what can you do in 3:30:34? and that leads to so, now what?

15. every step

16. it must be confusing to be Sephardic

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