Jan 9, 2013

Israel 2013 Elections Campaign Broadcasts Compilation (videos)

The election campaign broadcasts have now officially begun. There are already some good clips, some bad clips, and some controversial clips..

I have decided to compile and post as many of the clips as I can find, with my comments attached, of course, where applicable.... I am sure I am missing some videos. I heard some on the radio that I have not yet found online. Some parties don't seem to have their own websites or Facebook pages, some don't post their videos, if they have any, on their websites, so please send any videos I might be missing my way and I'll be happy to include them..
I will try to break it down by party, but the order of the parties will be fairly random..

The Green Leaf party:
why should politicians have a monopoly on religion? .. I didnt know they had issues other then legalizing marijuana. It seems they do...

Legalizing marijuana isn't just a silly issue:

The Green party:
The wildlife of Israel's beaches.. I wasn't sure whether to post this or not - I decided to with a shmiras eynayim warning for the last few moments of the video...

who is Shaul Mofaz?..

why good people shouldn't go into politics... in my opinion this is a lousy video... he shot terrorists at point blank.. for what? so nobodies can criticize him?!:

Do you know who any of these people are?
pretty decent video and message...

Likud Beyteynu:
we are proud of our achievements during the past 4 years:

Iran is the world's greatest danger:

New Middle East... cute.. Bibi is depicted as the principal, while the other politicians are the schoolchildren, with Ismail Haniyeh as the bully

the reality... they don't even mention fighting for Torah and haredi issues, protecting the bnei yeshivot. they must figure these videos won't be seen by,m or at least are not directed to, the haredi community... they are going to be competing for the title of the real social party:

the day after...

who is Shelly Yachimovitch?  interesting, but not sure why or how it is relevant as a campaign broadcast less than 2 weeks to elections

Bayit Yehudi:
whom do you trust?

you have a home:

Daily Status: takes a couple of comments of web surfers commenting about Bennet. Not really sure of the point, and not very impressive, IMO...

Kulanu Chaveirim (Nach Nachs):
introducing the small parties..

don't abandon me in my old age... it seems a few parties are going to be claiming to be the caretakers of the elderly, just as they will be fighting for the title of the most socially aware party...:

dial *giyur ... in my opinion, this was the best campaign video to date. Controversial, for sure, but I think it was well done, got their point across and was humorous and enjoyable at the same time. Some parties are protesting this clip and saying it should be disqualified and not allowed, on the basis of promoting racism and division.

working together, nobody is better than us..

what has Meretz accomplished? a lot

Yesh Atid:
it is in our hands..

HaTnua shel Tzippi Livni:
hope will overcome the fear... too much fear mongering

Moreshet Avot:
I have no idea what this party is about, but he wants everyone to vote for him so he can become the prime minister and reform the elections...

Economy Party:
no video, just a picture frame with audio

Am Shalem:

just their jingle, no video

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  1. I really want to thank you for posting the videos. I have wanted to watch at least some of them with my kids, as a great learning experience about their new life in Israel, the elections here and also about my professional field, communications/hasbara. We don't have a TV, and this is a much easier way to manage their watching anyway! So thanks. Do you think they will help me decide who to vote for? (I doubt it.)

  2. more coming today...
    if they convince you one way or the other, you'll have been one of the few. they have been talking on the news shows about how irrelevant the campaign broadcasts are nowadays...


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