Jan 11, 2013

Israel Elections 2013 Campaign Broadcasts #2 (videos)

Here are some more campaign videos I found:

Atid 1:
too much exposure to pornography.., especially but not only, to children

the mezuza of the government

Aryeh Deri has returned.. a takeoff of the original "he is innocent" from when he went to jail

secular and young people leaving Jerusalem

Tzedek Chevrati:
social justice

Hatikvah l'Shinui:
hope for change... I am not sure what the point is. They dont say what they are hoping to change or how they plan to do it..

Raam Taal:

Koach l'Hashpia:
bringing the cost of housing down

workers rights and equality

Am Shalem:
they seem to simply be trying to assure people that they will pass the threshold and voting for them wont be a wasted vote..

talking to the haredi public

lower prices of public transportation, and minimize pollution or charge fines to polluters

jingle.. with Meretz you know what you are voting for...

showing how good a minister Moshe Kachlon was, but then showing it is no longer Kachlon, but Bibi is disconnected form the voters and Lieberman is the big guy there..

Yesh Atid:
how all the parties are full of politicians who have been jumping around from party to party..

Otzma l'Yisrael:

there is just one leader...

vote Likud

check for whom you are voting..

we live in a dangerous neighborhood

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  1. I just read great piece about the Israeli elctions on the Huffington Post. It's called Israeli Politics for Dummies and it's a comic guide to the elections.


  2. Here is an article about the "Hope for change" party.

  3. I don't know where the line between art and pornography is, but I doubt the Pirate guy has any clue either, given his choice of art.


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