Jan 2, 2013

Livni's International Support Instead of Local Support (video)

In the following video from Tzippi Livni's party, she highlights the "fear" created by a Netanyahu government relative to the hope Livni represents. You can hear it strongly even by the ominous tune of Hatikva playing in the background of the Netanyahu images, and the soft and happy jingle of Hatikvah behind the Livni images.

But what really makes this video interesting is that Livni simply stole images of people from the Internet and displays them as her broad support. Many of them are not even Israelis! I guess she had to draw on her international support because she has so little local support. This was exposed by a news report at Channel 2 News.

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1 comment:

  1. Got it - I should vote for Tzippi because she doesn't have any policies or anything, but believes in hope or something and has cheerful music and bright colours, while Bibi had really scary sounding music and was in black and white.

    Sounds good to me - why bother wasting time creating policies, an economic plan, or a vision. Is anyone in this country really stupid enough to vote for her without knowing what she stands for? Based on what - past performance?


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