Jan 17, 2013

Quotes from UTJ politicians

Someone sent me this short list of quotes from UTJ politicians that  are good illustrations of their opinions and worldviews. (They probably are not included in any of those slick UTJ ads ;>).

What do you think?

If you agree with these statements and the sentiments behind them, then you should definitely vote for UTJ-Gimmel!

 “My job is to concern myself with those who learn full time. That is my job. Anything that is not in this category is not my job.”
 - MK Moshe Gafne being interviewed by radio personality Motti Lavi

 “There is no place for it [secular education for boys before age 22], there never will be…When it’s time for a shidduch for a haredi girl, the first thing she’s asked – if she wants a yeshiva student – is if she understands what that involves: the abject poverty, the life she will have married to a shpitz who will be at the yeshiva all day long, while she will have to work and raise the children almost alone.  And the fact is, believe it or not, that this fate is still the most desired despite all the hardships, so why should we bother about the curriculum?”
 - Senior Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Yitzchak Pindrus in the Jerusalem Post

“Mehadrin Busses”
 - Shmuel Halpert, former MK and Deputy Minister of Transportation, asked in Hamodia about the most pressing transportation issue facing the Chareidi public

"Nowhere is it written that males need to work. It's good enough if the wife works,"
 - MK and Deputy Minister Yaakov Litzman in an interview with The Marker

 “This [Israel] is the only country in the Western world that discriminates against Jews because they are charedi”
 “The chareidi public knows very well that the secular government regards Talmud Torah and yeshiva students as the real danger to the state”
“Today, like in Russia, the right and left have joined forces to combat and uproot chareidi education and to deny us the right to live as Jews in our Holy Land. They seek the souls of the young chareidim to distance them from the religion of their ancestors.”
 - MK Yisroel Eichler, various news outlets

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  1. I'm pretty sure the tremors felt up in Tzfat were caused by the Rambam turning over in his grave. Oy! Especially from MK Litzman's comment.

    Among other things, these people clearly have only disdain for what the public will think. Hillul Hashem isn't in their vocabulary.

  2. As we all know, this nonsense isn't new. Maybe Israel should find a way to harness the grave-turnings of the Rambam and other departed chakhamim and tzaddikim as a source of renewable energy?

  3. Does that quote from Litzman mean he doesn't hold by his Ketuba?


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