Jan 7, 2013

Yehuda Glick Sued For Bringing Goat 3 Years Ago To Har HaBayit

Nearly two years ago Yehuda Glick, now a candidate on the Likud (likud Beyteynu) list for Knesset under the Yesha slot, sued the police for their behavior in arresting him a year earlier for having attempted, allegedly, to bring a goat up to Har HaBayit for slaughter as a korban pesach. It seems like that case has still not been completed, as the police repeatedly cause delays in the case. The prosecutor has even been criticized and fined b the judge for the police behavior in causing these delays, and supposedly the case is supposed to be concluded in the coming days.

Yesterday the court was scheduled to hear a counter-suit filed by the police against Glick. Glick s being sued for transporting sheep in his car. The claim is that he transgressed the law that requires permits to allow the transportation of animals. According to Srugim, nobody in the history of Israel has ever been tried for this crime.

I am assuming they have proof that he brought the sheep, or goat, in his car. Otherwise he can deny it and say he walked with the sheep, or bought it nearby or someone else got it to him.

Glick and his defenders among the irgunei hamikdash have responded to the suit saying it is clearly discriminatory enforcement against someone who transported an animal for a mitzva, yet they never file suit against anybody transporting dogs and cats, fish and other pets (while the law was clearly intended for livestock and dealing with proper arrangements for commerce, the law does not actually differentiate, so it seems).

As I said nearly two years ago, perhaps the sheep/goat will be the catalyst for forcing a change on har HaBayit allowing Jews the freedom of worship that the courts have already granted...

The hearing was delayed until April 22nd.. Maybe this will be the beginning of the process, and by next Pesach the courts will be forcing the police to give Jews freedom of worship on Har HaBayit......

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