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Mar 17, 2013

Making your bedikas chametz easier

If you are not friends with me on Facebook and do not follow me on Twitter, you might have missed this yesterday...

Hands down, the best product I have found on the market for Pesach up to this point, is this package of 10 pieces of bread prepared for bedikas chametz.
Each individually wrapped piece of bread comes in its own ziploc bag and is numbered, so you know which ones you have found when searching for chametz and which ones you must still look for. I hear that engineers are working on version 2.0 for next year that will include GPS tracking devices that will be embedded into each of the 10 pieces of bread, so not finding one will not be an option.

The price of the bedikas chametz bread pieces is $1.99. That comes to about 7.3 shekels. For the same price I can buy a loaf of sliced bread in the makolet, though their permanent sale price is 2 loaves for 12 shekels ($3.2). Throw in the cost of 10 ziploc bags, and it is closer to being worth it, financially.

If you live in Israel, you might want to think twice before ordering. According to the shipping calculator on the website, United Parcel Service Worldwide Expedited will cost $104.44 , and Worldwide Express Saver shipping will cost $109.98. At those prices it just is not worth it. Even including the Ziploc bags.

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  1. Pretty sure I saw this in a store around here...

  2. Should have been environmentally friendly and been wrapped in recycled paper, not plastic. I hope 2.0 version is corrected.

    1. Um, paper is porous. Better safe than sorry.



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