Jul 2, 2013

Documentary Video – Jewish Identity and Pluralism in Israel: 13 Perspectives (video)

Thirteen residents of the Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehuda region, reflecting the gamut of Israel society, share their perspectives on what Jewish Identity and Pluralism mean to them in this documentary produced by the Partnership2Gether:
  • Moshe Dadon, Mayor, Mateh Yehuda Regional Council
  • Yair Alberton – Director, Amutat Kehilla-Kibbutz Tamuz, Beit Shemesh
  • Orna Nachmani – Director, Midreshet Beit Shemesh, P2G Melton/Maccabim Program Graduate
  • Tzvia Glazer – P2G Wonderful Women Film and Dialog Program Participant
  • Avraham Kap – Director, Ezrat Achim Chessed Organization, P2G Beit Shemesh Round Table Participant
  • Amit Keyvan – Volunteer, P2G Beit Midrash Shemesh Participant
  • Alon Suskin – Volunteer, P2G Beit Midrash Shemesh Participant
  • Efrat Mekonen – Teacher, Founder of Tesfa, Ethiopian Village, P2G Women’s Empowerment Program Graduate
  • Rivka Hazeh – P2G Melton/Maccabim Program Participant
  • Ilan Geal Dor – Co-facilitator of P2G Beit Shemesh Round Table, former P2G Chair
  • Rabbi Stacey Blank – Tzur Hadassah Reform Congregation
  • Lior Couriel – Member, Tzur Hadassah Reform Congregation
  • Sharon Raanan – Co-Founder of Levana, Beit Shemesh Women’s Prayer Group

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